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Multifunctional Controller for DIN rail mounting.

This controller is almost a multifunctional device. It can be used in the industry for controlfunctions digital an analog. A customer oriented problemsolving is ensured by the modular construction. The controller can contain 4 modules of the same or different kind of type. This allows up to 48 digital/analog outputs or 32 digital input channels.

The base device contains the CPU and all communication- and control functions. The modules are equipped with industrial Phoenix plug-connectors which makes any additional cabling obsolete. The controller is available as a MODBUS RTU client or with compatible software for existing VIB systems.

Standard types:

JDA48-1-1    48 digital outputs 24VDC/240mA (Low-Side) , 2 groups with 6Bit possible  Schema
JDA48-1-2    48 analog outputs 0-20mA (Low-Side) Schema
JDA48-1-3    48 digital outputs 24VAC/DC 1,0A,  3 groups with 4Bit possible Schema
JDA48-1-4    48 digital outputs 24VDC 0.5A,  3 groups with 4Bit possible short prot. Schema
JDA48-1-X    customer orientated configuration
JS-48-1-V    Softwarepackage for JDA48-1/2 for operation in a VIB system    
JS-48-1-M    Softwarepackage standard MODBUS RTU Client    
Produkt information  brief description of characteristics
Software  detailed description of the MODBUS protokoll and register
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